Indigenous oratory and artistic expression have transformative power

Together, they are the soul of Indigenous sovereignty.

Aywaa (pronounced “eye-wah”) means north and is the root word for the north wind in the Yupik language. For many Indigenous cultures, the north wind is known to create favorable hunting conditions and is also known to help people find their way home. Much like the north wind itself, this site is designed to highlight and share stories of resilience, opportunity, and reclamation that stem from exercising cultural values.

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Artists capture the motivational content of who we are and allow us to better understand what we value in ourselves, in others, and in the world.

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We catalyze momentum in Alaskan communities by sharing stories that connect the assertion of self-governance with sustainable opportunities.

Help us share and elevate the narrative and values of Alaska's diverse Indigenous peoples. Your support will allow us to continue to feature the motivational content of our values based in cultural responsibility, reciprocity, and respect for all living relationships.